Erin Towns is a digital and drone polar research photographer from Augusta Maine.  Erin is a National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Program Fellow and PolarTREC Teacher Program alumni.  As a teacher with 24 years of classroom experience, she has traveled the world working with teachers and students nationally and internationally, creating interdisciplinary curriculum that combines the study of history, economics, Earth and climate science, and visual arts.  Erin is a graduate research assistant at the University of Maine helping to run programs that connect teens with PolarSTEM career field exploration opportunities in Arctic environments.  
Erin's artistic journey is a fusion of her deep love for the Arctic and Maine, intertwined with her  passion for education and climate science.  She is an inquisitive artist who thrives on capturing the intricate details of landscapes, while exploring interconnection between the Earth, animals, humans, and the science that underpins them.
Through the lens, Erin embarks everyday on a journey of self-discovery, finding optimism in the face of environmental challenges. Her work is action-oriented, seeking solutions to the pressing issues of our time. Erin’s fascination with humanity is evident in her ability to showcase diverse perspectives, creating a tapestry of stories through her lens.
As a Maine-based artist, Erin draws inspiration from the beauty of her surroundings. Erin’s photography is a celebration of Maine's unique themes, yet it resonates universally, echoing the importance of preserving our planet. Through her work in polar regions, Erin connects changes there to what’s happening in Maine for students and the community.   It is Erin’s sincere wish that her work serves as a testament to the power of art and humans to inspire change, offering a fresh perspective on the world we inhabit.

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